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Group Lecture


Creating community support TO HELP YOU get the life you want. 

Do you feel you've lost the old vibrant you? 

Do you want to find your confidence and autonomy? 


 Tired of beating yourself up about not being able to do what you once could?

Our community support workshops use a range of drama therapy and life coaching tools in a group setting to inspire your dreams and goals again. 

  •  Check in (10 MINS) 

  •  Discuss problems you ma y be facing (10 MINS)  

  • Explore in Guided Meditation with N.L.P AND HYPNOTHERAPY. (30 mins)  

  • Create improvisation highlighting core problems (10 mins)

  • Explore and discuss possible options for change. (20mins) 

  • Check out (Share progress and feelings (10 mins) 

Science has shown that when you have community support you are 10 times more like to reach your goals. 

Sign up for your September 2023 spot.   
The workshops run for 1.5 hours per week for 12 weeks

Venue in Black Heath, London   
£14 Per session

20 % discount when booking 12 weeks in advance.  

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A community of likeminded souls?

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