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Holistic Life Coaching for Empaths. 


Find your inner strength and start living a life you love. 

Hi I'm Kari,
Holistic Life Coach, Teacher and Reiki practitioner and I help heart-centred souls/ empaths navigate difficult spiritual awakenings and start living in alignment


About Kari Hilborn


Life Coach, Teacher, Holistic Practitioner

I have been working as a development practitioner for over 17 years now, supporting deep transformation in the lives of heart centred souls. My journey has also been full of adversity. I have suffered with many complex and difficult life events and understand what it is like to live through them.

At the time these experiences were incredibility painful, but I persevered and discovered tools to help overcome them. It was through these tools that I started living my best life again.

It helped me re-frame my life mission, to help other heart centred souls, learn how to start living their best lives again.
Trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Guided Affective Imagery, Guided Meditation, energy healing, Reiki, and life coaching.

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Benefits Of Coaching

Enjoying Outdoor

Heal Your Past

Finally be free from your core wounds and blocks in life, even the ones you thought were already healed but still lingered.

Lovers in Nature

Improve Your Relationships

Experience deep, intimate, and heart-centered connections with those you love. And welcome new passionate, long-lasting partnerships, based on vulnerability and soul compatibility.

All Hands In

Discover Your Mission

Get clear on your hidden gifts and talents to fuel your life’s purpose and create meaningful change in the world.

Enjoying Coffee

Live An Abundant Life

Create prosperity from your heart– instead of your mind– and live a life completely free to do whatever you want (aka no more money worries!)

Self Video Recording

Live In A State Of Self-Love

Gain a deep sense of unconditional love, respect, and acceptance of yourself. Then radiate it outwards toward everyone else around you!

Enjoying Sunset

Experience Deep Fulfillment

Achieve high levels of resilience and feel joy, happiness, and deep peace– regardless of your outer circumstances. Master your feeling of fulfillment, from within.

Marc Batten Happy client after working with Kari Hilborn Coaching

Marc B.

The four sessions I had with Kari totally lifted my mindset and shifted all the negativity I had around work place issues and self doubt. She was incredibly supportive, compassionate and helped this in combination with her fantastic tools helped me find my inner strength. 

5 star rating from a client after reaching goals after working with Kari Hilborn Coaching
Smiling client who has reached her goals after working with Kari Hilborn Coaching

Rachel V.

Not only has Kari created a beautiful platform for healing, but she has brought out a sense of strength in me that I cannot express in words.

5 star rating from a client after reaching goals after working with Kari Hilborn Coaching

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Happy client after reaching goals after working with Kari Hilborn Coaching

Lesley O.

Kari is a kind, caring, compassionate and conscientious human being who inspires others to reach their personal goals with love. She is a remarkable woman who continues to break barriers and challenge herself whilst also supporting others to do the same.  

5 star rating from a client after reaching goals after working with Kari Hilborn Coaching

What Our Community Is Saying

We can take the first steps together.

I can help you start living from a place of strength again.

Start Living The Life That You Deserve!

Contact me for your FREE discovery call to find out how. 

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