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Building resilience through times of struggle 

Helping adults and young people build inner strength through holistic tools and practices 


Hi, I'm Kari,
Life coach, teacher and wellness practitioner. M.A,. D.T.L.L.S,. Q.T.L.S. 

Abstract image of Kari Hilborn Holistic Life Coach finding her inner peace.

Pain is a natural part of life but suffering doesn't have to be.
When we learn tools in resilience we are better able to cope with difficult moments and live a happy, healthy more fullfilling life. 

 Less emotional pain more personal POWER!

I have been working as a development practitioner for over 17 years now, supporting deep transformation and helping heart centred souls get the lives they want.
Trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Guided Affective Imagery, Guided Meditation, energy healing, Reiki, and life coaching for pain reduction.  
It is my mission to help those suffering with adversity learn coping strategies, build positive mindsets and find their inner strength and personal power regardless of their challenges.

Contact me to find out how. 


Are you struggling to cope with difficult life events? 

Not sure how to move through them? 

Looking for alternative tools and practices? 

This unique system of transformation 
will help you...

Learn coping strategies and create healthier mindsets around key issues. 

Discover your personal power and inner strength. 

Reframe your brain and create lasting changes that stick. 

Client picture looking happy and inspired after woking with Kari Hilborn Coaching

Marc Batten

"The four sessions I had with Kari totally lifted my mindset and shifted all the negativity I had around work place issues and self doubt. She was incredibly supportive, compassionate and helped this in combination with her fantastic tools helped me find my inner strength. 

Image of Client smiling and reaching her goals after working with Kari Hilborn Coaching.

Rachel Ventimiglia 

"Not only has Kari created a beautiful platform for healing, but she has brought out a sense of strength in me that I cannot express in words."

Photo of a Client smiling after reaching goals with Kari Hilborn Coaching

Lesley Owusu 

Kari is a kind, caring, compassionate and conscientious human being who inspires others to reach their personal goals with love. She is a remarkable woman who continues to break barriers and challenge herself whilst also supporting others to do the same.  

Do you want support and guidance on your journey? 
We can take the first steps together.

I have helped my clients start living from a place of personal power and strength again.


Contact me for your FREE discovery call to find out how. 

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x Kari 
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