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Yin Yoga Harrow- West London 

Pain relief yoga is a slow-paced, therapeutic style of yoga called Yin Yoga that is beneficial for those suffering with chronic pain.

Restorative yoga stimulates a healing response in the body. 

Gentle Yoga

Yoga for everyone

Registered with the Yoga Alliance. 

Kari has over 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE practicing and developing YOGA strategies for healing.

I have been practicing yoga for some time now and over the years I have noticed remarkable results. 

When I first started practising Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga it brought me greater strength, agility and a calmer mind. 

Recently since suffering with chronic pain myself I have been fortunate enough to utilise the Yin yoga techniques for my own healing. These tools have had a phenomenal impact in reducing muscle pain, stiffness and in creating a balanced mind.

One of the reasons this style of yoga is so effective for joint pain is that it produces more synovial fluid in the body, which acts as a perfect lubricant for joints. 

Practicing Yoga
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