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Resilience building WORKSHOPS
FOR Young people

OUR Workshops


Do you want to build the resilience of your young people?

Are you lost for how to help them solve complex emotional problems? 


Do you want to refocus them on academic success? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions these workshops are for you. 


More than ever before young people are struggling with greater feelings of unworthiness, confusion and emotional pain. 

We offer a unique Drama and Life Coaching INTERVENTION workshops in a fun and relatable medium.  

Our safe, creative and reflective activities enable participants to explore areas of adversity, learn coping strategies and refocus on more important aspirations. 

 Contact us for your FREE TRIAL workshop. 

According to NHS data, 1 in 8 young people will suffer a mental health problem before the age of 18. 

If we can provide intervention sessions during this time to help young people learn core skills to deal with difficult life events. These statistics will change. 

Depression rates have risen significantly over the past few years and now more than ever before our young people are living in a state of fear, stress and heightened anxiety.

The children’s commissioner for England and leading psychiatrists have raised the alarm about young people’s mental health during the pandemic, as figures suggest a sharp rise in reports of sleep problems, eating disorders and self-harm.


Fully qualified staff trained in Child Protection and 
 holding a D.B.S certificate

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What can we do about it?

Include resilience workshops into your PSHE curriculum


 We can also work in conjunction with S.E.A.L aspects of learning and support current curricular outcomes.

-Each session has been carefully structured to fit easily into class' PPA time. 

-The duration of the work last for 12- weeks. 

We recommend this time schedule to sustain lasting neurological changes.

(Studies on Neuroscience have shown it take between 30-90 days to sustain lasting changes.)  

-Past projects have run with both key stage 3 and 4 pupils. 

Teachers reported that after the workshop’s students returned more inspired, focused and calmer than before. 


We even create an intervention report for your

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement. 

What outcomes are measured? 

- Higher academic attainment

- Greater self-awareness

- Enhanced compassion and empathy for others 

- Elevated confidence

- Raised self-esteem

- Poised body language and posture 

- Refined articulation and speaking and listening skills

- Ability to build resilience in challenging moments

- Activated aspirations dreams and goals

- Inspired greater work ethics


Why book with us and not our competitor’s?

Our unique system has been devised over 15 years of research.

 All our practitioners are past teachers and have knowledge of curriculum guidelines. 

We provide progress data for each pupil

Drama and life coaching offers a unique blend of creativity and reflection

Our tools teach autonomy whilst encouraging a growth mindset that is sustainable. 

tools used in workshops
  • Breathing and mindfulness techniques

  • Guided Meditation exercises

  • Imagination and reframing tools 

  • Drama Games

  • Improvisation around topics

  • Forum Theatre

  • Role play based on symbolic characters

  • N.L.P strategies 

  • Psycho Therapeutic Drama tools 

  • Road map to success

  • 12 weeks of unique and explorative action-packed workshop plans with DIY guidance which you can utilise yourself following the workshops.

  • Data reports for each pupil on the outcomes achieved.

  • Pre-session workbook for each child which they can use at home. 

  • An end of term performance to showcase the growth and progress

  • 12 Weeks of fun action packed workshops which support your curriculum goals. 

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A resilience WORKSHOP to help your children cope with adversity?

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