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Guided MEDITATION Group sessions

Find Your Inner Peace 

Guided meditation sessions with Chakra Reiki Healing 

Online and in class sessions in
West London 
Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30pm (GMT) 
Email to receive MORE DETAILS

Sessions are suitable for anyone looking for a greater inner peace, wellness and a spiritual community.


The sessions are facilitated by Kari Hilborn certified Meditation teacher, N.L.P and hypnotherapy practitioner and resilience coach


 The sessions aim to promote healing energy and emotional, physical and mental well-being. 

It is essential that you feel SAFE and SUPPORTED throughout the process and so I am always available to answer any questions that you might have. 


  What is Guided Meditation? 

Guided Meditation is a practitioner led, focused visualisation tool that uses imagination, breathing exercises, hypnosis and relaxation to guide you towards a state of inner peace. We do this through music, vocal relaxation and a connection to spirit guides, reiki energy and ancestral healers.  

The Benefits of Guided Meditation 


Our Guided Meditations have been proven to alleviate stress, restore a sense of inner peace and reframe the mind towards more positive, healthy and productive thinking patterns. 

Suggested rates

Cost: Pay what you can

£7.77 (Angelic Giver) 


£10 (Generous Donator) 


£15 (Abundant Creator) 

We keep groups small to ensure your personal needs are met throughout.

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'I joined the Guided Meditation sessions with Kari over a month ago and have found the work to be so impactful and uplifting. It has changed the way I manage my stress levels and I have felt so much more grounded in all areas of my life since attending these meditations. 


Kari has such a calming and intuitive nature and her guidance is always attuned to our needs. These aspects make me feel safe enough to surrender and relax. I am truly grateful for this work and would recommend anyone to join.' 


Cherise Cross 

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