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The Myths about Trauma and Chronic Illness.

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Trauma is experienced by everyone at some point, whether it’s through a painful breakup, loss of a loved one, a dispute with a family member or any other moments of living through severe emotional pain. What we often don't realise is how trauma can create and sustain chronic illness by setting our brains into fight or flight mode.

Although the majority of mental health professionals still define trauma as a deep catastrophic event, severe abuse or neglect; innovative thinkers, in holistic psychology, such as Dr Nicole LePera is starting to shake up the narrative on what trauma means and how holistic tools can heal.

Robert Scaer defines it as any negative life event that occurs in a state of relative helplessness. I would add that trauma might be an event that leaves us feeling wounded or scared emotionally, spiritually or mentally as well as physically.

As a result of these old narratives, we often don’t realise that we are bypassing pain and through our denial of these experiences, sustaining the fight or flight mode through invalidation the expense of trauma. This invalidation keeps us stuck, causing blockages in our energy system and impacting the entire central nervous system.

Trapped trauma, is one of the leading causes of chronic illness and pain and in my expense completely debilitated me. It impacted my body mind and soul so greatly that I my entire central nervous system was unable to regulate itself.

It wasn't until learning reversal modes through para-sympathetic tools that I actually started to heal.

My chronic health condition led me to create an awareness of past wounds and how these were seriously impacting my health, by literally forcing me to stop living my life. As a result of fibromyalgia, I could no longer carry on the way I had been and I am grateful that the illness inspired change.

At first some of the emotional memories from these past wounds was so excruciating that I couldn't face them. I used a perpetual series of distraction and avoidance tools until my physical ill-health made me start to take stock of my life and emotions. It was here- from this place that I created a deeper sense of awareness and was able to start my journey towards healing.

Six years on from my diagnosis, I have delved deeply into some phenomenal research in areas of neuroscience, epigenetic, hypnosis, central nervous system responses, gut and heart health, reframing methods, somatic healing methods, therapeutic drama methods, meditation techniques, imagination exercise, shamanism, yoga, energy practices, and so much more.

I have learned through these research that science has proven that if we can calm the central nervous system we can promote healing.

These tools saved my life, and I am using this platform to share them with you.

I have learned through these experiences that if we can learn to listen to the messages of our body, monitor and control our thoughts, notice the impact of these on our mind, body and soul and start motivating ourselves to create new rituals and routines we can reframe our old templating and heal the wounds from the past.

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