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Your struggles



Are you tired of struggling with PHYSICAL, MENTAL or EMOTIONAL pain and ready to start living the life you deserve?
Abstract image of Kari Hilborn - Holistic Life Coach  and Reiki Practitioner.

 You deserve to start living your best life!


Call me (Free) today to find out how. 

Hi I'm Kari 
Pain Warrior & Resilience coach 

I’m no stranger to adversity!

Throughout my life, I've battled a series of

challenges, from growing up in a dysfunctional

family, to overcoming dyslexia (gaining a Degree,

MA and Qualified Teacher Status),

to coping with profound grief and loss after

losing my health, core family members,

financial stability and finally my old identity. 


My entire world fell apart at the drop of a hat, and with no distractions, I was left alone with deep wounds that needed healing. 


Although at the time I didn't know how I would get through these challenges, my inner strength set me on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual evolution that led me to where I am today:


Living in a state of





I am now so grateful for these experiences as they helped me find my true soul calling:


Helping others recognise, heal and overcome pain. 

Call/email me for a chat

The journey of a thousand miles

begins with one single step

Take that brave first step today. 

Book your free initial consultation so we can create your personalised journey. 

Let's Do This image of words to inspire and motivate Heart centred should looking for holistic tools.


Marc Batten - Teacher and practitioner with Schools workshops inspiring with his smile.

"I was struggling with some issues in the workplace that had really knocked my confidence. I had genuine fears about the possibility of future career success. The four sessions I had with Kari totally lifted my mindset and shifted all the negativity. I was left feeling reinvigorated and have now secured a job that I am looking forward to starting in a few months. In the sessions Kari clearly explained the activities that we were doing and had a calm manner which made me feel relaxed and reassured. I have no doubt that these sessions were paramount to me conquering all my fears and feeling very optimistic about future success and happiness."

Marc Batten - Drama Teacher & Actor 

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